Creating E-Mail Optins

One of the biggest problems for me along this journey is making decisions: about which products to start with, about which avenue to take in my branding, about whether I should break up different niches or just create different departments…Then there’s the second-guessing once I do decide: is this the right product to create? Is this the right domain name? Should I make the site look different? What if, what if, what if…………

I’m obviously not the type to jump right on in and start making things and flinging them out into the world. I’m the type that needs to research first, learn first, agonize over every little detail first.

Well, it’s good to research when it’s focused research: finding additional niches to make specific products for people, for example. Agonizing, however, isn’t the best thing to do and just serves to basically stop everything in its tracks.

Back to focusing….

This week I’m doing two things: creating products that I’ll be listing for sale on KDP, Creative Fabrica, and possibly Etsy (as well as on my market site), and creating e-mail optins to capture the email addresses of people who are already interested in my products (because, you know, they signed up to get the free offering). I’ve decided what the freebies will be (at least a couple of them, and I want at least one freebie in each category), so those will come first, along with a few products to purchase in those categories.

After those products are created there are several other things to think about and do before slinging them out into the world:

Create an attractive way to present the item

People want to see what they’re getting! They want to know if it’s actually the thing they want to give their email address for…whether it’s worth it to them (because they know they’re going to get more emails – that’s just how it works)

Create a landing page for the item that has an upsell for people to buy

This is important if you want the possibility of making a few dollars right away, which is why you created the freebie to begin with, right?

Or…at the very least…make sure all information and links are in the file you’re giving away

I’ve grabbed optins that had no way for me to get to their website where I could see what else they were offering…I didn’t even have any idea whether they had a website or not! Not good.

All of these things take some time to create, but I’m confident that if I’ve done my research correctly they’ll be worth it because I’ll make sales from them.