Delays and Mindset

I think I chose the right picture for this post…as you can see, a lot of time has gone by and no updates. That’s because I have NOT kept a regular schedule to the store, and instead have found myself dealing with Paralysis of Analysis. Egads. My brain does this thing where I’ll start on a task, then segue into something completely different…or return to something I’ve worked on in the past…or, whatever.

So, I’m not going to say “okay, THIS time I’m really going to get down to it and focus on this one thing,” because I’ll probably switch gears again and this’ll slide back to the back. But, I’ll say that I’m going to work on this project MORE than I have in the last couple of months (fingers crossed!).

One good thing about the break: I finally got very clear on the NICHE I’ll be working on…at least in the beginning. I can always add more as time goes on, but for now I’ve nailed the projects I want to do to get started. Another thing: a few years ago I challenged myself to a 90-Day Content Challenge…and I actually followed though. Every single day for 90 days I had to produce at least one thing…and I did. The best part? I can use many of the things I created during that challenge in the products I’m doing now. Very cool.

OK…off to round two.