Design Decisions

I got quite a bit done on the store today. First, I’ll share everything I did, then I’ll share my insights of the day.

I connected my store with Printify so every product I create on the platform will automatically show up in my store, then I worked the rest of the day on the site design: I came up with the branded colors and the mood of the site, as well as the graphics and site layout. It took most of the day to create the homepage, the header and the footer, as well as write the home copy. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how it turned out and the rest of the pages shouldn’t take long to accomplish.

As I was working on getting the graphics together and making them fit, I realized more and more what my products were going to be, who my market was, and the niche I was going to serve. Up until that point (and before I even found the images for the site), I really didn’t know. I have eclectic tastes, so I could have gone a number of different ways. Some of them may have brought in a bit more money quicker, but would not have been as fun for me.

I’m wholly satisfied with the niche I’ll be working in. Not only is it something I’ve been involved with most of my life, but I can’t ever see myself getting tired of it or losing interest. So, I’m pretty excited to get started.