Here We Go…2024 is the Year

I just read the posts I started this blog with…so full of determination and goals. So what happened? Well, I don’t remember everything that went into this project falling off (THIS TIME) because it’s been so long, but I do know I probably did NOT have clear goals, accountability, measurable and achievable things for my life at the time, etc.

I also know I’ve been working pretty much full time in the health care industry for a regular paycheck, which looks like 12 hour shifts and sometimes 6 days a week. That’ll cut down on time to spend on other things. No excuses, just life.

One thing I do every day is get up at least two hours before my shift so I can work on other things; whether that’s web design (client work) or my own projects. It’s been a great habit to get into, because now I can set my goals to fit this schedule. THAT should help with follow-through!

Another thing I did this week: I joined a bootcamp that helped me organize my thoughts and goals, made some specific goals, and went ahead and joined the course/membership that the bootcamp person put on. So, I have a very specific goal to reach by the end of the year, and I have very specific goals to reach by the end of January. I’m feeling pretty confident at this point!

So, what’s different this time? I’m feeling a little bit like I’m running out of time to replace the income I have right now with something more sustainable. I have a lot more incentive now than I did a few years ago.

So, my goals are simpler and also more focused: I may or may not be building the marketplace I first though about, but I will be building a niche business encompassing at least one niche, possibly more, and I will be building a niche site along the way. I have new ways to test things that are really promising (potentially saving tons of time and energy and leading to better outcomes); I have new determination and incentive; I have tools I need and hopefully some accountability along the way. Building an online income source can be lonely work – touching base with others doing the same thing will be key to helping me stay on track!