I’m Starting a 90-Day Challenge

Why are 90-day challenges good?

I did one a couple of years ago and got a ton of things done…many of which I’m able to use in the products I’m offering. In fact, without them I’d be way further behind. I had set a goal of getting at least ONE item done per day for the 90 days, and there were many days I got a lot more done. By the end I had something like 300 items done that could be compiled and/or used in products for sale. I felt great when I was done, because I’d exceeded my goals and had so much to show for it.

My biggest mistake? Not doing another 60-day challenge right away. And then another. Until it became a habit every single day. I’m hoping not to make the same mistake this time. But first…the 90-day challenge.

My goals for this 90-Day Challenge:

This one will be a little different than the last one I did. Back then my only goal was to have created one thing every single day. This time I have additional goals: I not only want to create at least one thing per day for the 90-days, but I also want to set a goal of creating at least one full product per week, so that by the end of the 90 days I’ll have products in each of my stores.

I want to make sure my goals are achievable so even though there are many more things I’d like to tack onto the challenge, I won’t because above all I want to succeed. The only other thing I’d like to tack on is to post my results on this blog at least 3 times per week…of course, if anything spectacular happens I’ll post more often.

My start date:

My plan is to start either May 24th (next Monday) or June 1st (the following Tuesday). Either way, I’ll drop the kickoff post here!