Market Kickoff…A Little Late and A Little Different

My original plan was to have this and another, similar blog kickoff at the same time (the other was following a niche blog – I’ll get to that but not right away): January 1st. That didn’t happen, but it’s okay. I think if I would have started everything on January 1st as I’d planned, things would have gone off the rails, anyway!

So, I’m starting on February 7, AND I’m doing things a little differently than I had planned. Instead of starting out with building a marketplace, I’m going to build a niche store. I’m still going to chronicle everything here, including the marketplace when I get to that.

So, what all am I going to keep track of here on this site as I go through this journey?

I’m going to let you know each and every time I post to social media, and how much engagement I get on those posts (if any). I’m going to let you know whether I boosted the post in any way, what kind of a post it was, and which sites I posted it to. I’m going to let you know every time someone likes and comments on a post, and whether they took any action (clicked on anything). I’ll show you which social platforms did better with what types of posts, which ones bombed, etc. I’ll let you know if I create a group and how that goes.

On the site itself, I’ll let you know how many visitors I’m getting and whether or not new content is generating any traffic. I’ll let you know how many people are signing up for the email list and which things are getting them to sign up. I’ll let you know if any affiliate products are selling and how many, or if any other types of products are selling.

I’ll let you know which content I post is paid and which isn’t (some of the paid content comes from the tools and resources I’ve outlined on this blog – I’ll keep track of which resource I used and what type of content it was).

I’ll also let you know all of the most frustrating things I run into as the year goes along: whether it’s thinking of and finding new content, marketing the site, or any other bibbles along the journey.

There will be plenty of comparisons, too:
Type A content or Type B?
Product A or product B?
Tool/resource A or Tool/resource B?

This should prove to be an educational journey, and hopefully a fun one. At the end of the year, I’ll reveal the niche site I’ve worked on for a year and we’ll see how successful it has been.