Research and Having a Good Plan

One of my biggest problems is constantly second-guessing myself: which thing should I work on first? Analysis Paralysis…it’s a thing. But it’s also a thing, with me, to have so many different ideas and interests and so many different directions I could go, that it stops me from choosing a path to start.

I had originally planned to document my daily progress in this blog…we see how that turned out LOL. But it’s not all bad: I’m beginning to create the products I want to sell on my marketplace and learning things along the way (which I’ll reveal as I complete tasks). I have a couple of different niches I’ll be working in but I think I can pull them together so they don’t clash too much. If not I can separate them.

One thing I’ve found as I work toward getting things ready to sell: my thoughts about how I plan to sell things have changed. For example, the marketplace I’m building will hold my products as planned, but I’ll also have various products on other marketplaces…something I hadn’t really considered before. There are reasons I’m expanding into other marketplaces, which mostly have to do with getting more eyes on the products and also having a natural way to drive traffic to various sources. This might be especially useful just starting out when no one knows the brand yet.

I’ve decided to offer both physical and digital products…mostly because of the varied interests I talked about above, but also because some people would rather do their own thing than purchase an existing product. I won’t be offering all of my designs digitally, but some of them I will.

It’s been interesting to see all of my insecurities come out through this process. I’m hoping my confidence will increase as soon as things get going more.