The Beginning of My First Store

This is it. After so many years of thinking about, planning, wondering, sweating, second-guessing. It’s time to do it. Even do it messy. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter whether this particular store is going to be successful or not…it really is the journey that matters. I know it sounds trite and cliche and all that, but the amount I’ll learn as I go along (and be able to pass along to YOU) will be so valuable that even if it falls flat, it’ll be okay.

So, what did I do today?

I installed WordPress and set up the nameservers (I already had this particular domain name). I installed the theme and all the plugins I needed, set up the coming soon page, created the graphics for the coming soon page, found the image I wanted for this blog post, configured the SSL and the plugins/WP settings. Basically, all of the initial things needed before building the site (which won’t be until tomorrow because I got a late start today).

Tomorrow I’ll set up the social media profiles, the POD account(s), and build out the site (including configuring the e-commerce settings). Hopefully I can come up with some preliminary designs for the social profiles (they’ll likely change as time goes on).